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Andy Warhol Campbell Soup
Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, was an American artist, a leading figure in the visual art movement known as POP art. Andy Warhol paintings explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement. The Andy Warhol Museum in his native city, Pittsburgh, as the largest museum in USA dedicated to a single artist. Many films by avant-garde cineast Jonas Mekas have caught the moments of Warhol's life.
The diptych "Silver Car Crash" sold at Contemporary Art Auction in 2013 for $105.4 million.
Andy Warhol artist
Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, est un artiste américain qui appartient au POP art, mouvement artistique dont il est l'un des innovateurs. Ses peintures de Andy Warhol explorent la relation entre l'expression artistique, la culture de la célébrité et la publicité. Le Muséum Andy Warhol dans sa ville natale Pittsburgh est le plus grand muséum dédié à un seul artiste aux États-Unis.
Son œuvre de Warhol, le diptyque « Double Silver Disaster » (اللوحات الفنية ), est vendu pour 105,4 millions de dollars au Contemporary Art Auction en 2013.
Andy Warhol self portrait
Andy Warhol, 1928-1987, USA-Künstler, war als Pionier in der Bewegung der bildenden Gemälde von POP art bezeichnet. Andy Warhols Malerei erforscht den Bezug zwischen dem künstlerischen Ausdruck, der Promi-Kultur und Werbungen. Das Andy Warhol Museum in seiner Heimatstadt Pittsburgh ist des Landes größte, für den einzelnen Künstler gebaute Museum. Viele Filme, in denen der Avantgardencineast Jonas Mekass die Hauptrolle spielt, stellen die Szenen aus dem Leben von Warhol dar.
Im Jahre 2013 ist Warhols Doppelbild „Silver Car Crash“ auf der Auktion der zeitgenössischen Kunst für $105,4 Millionen verkauft worden.
安迪沃霍尔 奥黛丽赫本
安迪•沃霍尔(英文姓名Andy Warhol), 1928-1987, 美国艺术家,是被称之为波普艺术(POP art)的视觉艺术运动的先锋人物,不创作油画。安迪•沃霍尔绘画探索在艺术表达、名人文化、和广告之间的联系。在他的家乡匹兹堡(Pittsburgh)的安迪•沃霍尔博物馆,是全美最大的、为单独艺术家而建的博物馆。许多由先锋派电影迷(avant-garde cineast) Jonas Mekas主演的电影再现了沃霍尔的生活点滴。
在2013年的当代艺术拍卖上,沃霍尔作品双联画《银色车祸》(Silver Car Crash)卖出一亿零五百四十万美元。
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Analysis of Andy Warhol Paintings

Andy Warhol was a brilliant but confusing artist to figure out. He was extremely eccentric but had a technique that came around once in a lifetime. Although he was heavily criticized through his career, his often jarring creations were the makings of legends.
Andy Warhol bilder

For Americans that are old enough to remember, Campbell’s once had a Beef Noodle flavor that was just as popular as its now famous Chicken Noodle flavor in toperfect reviews. That is why the creation date of 1962 is fitting for ‘Big Campbell's Soup Can 19c’. The open can in the Andy Warhol Andy Warhol paintings on an open white background, and although there is nothing special with the technique, there is a bit of nostalgia for a specific set of people that makes this work invaluable as landscape paintings and painting portraits. Reproductions are quietly high for a painting like this that only a select few around the world will be able to appreciate.

Andy Warhol portraits

Elvis I & II captured the King successfully, putting him in the perfect artistic light as toperfect.com reviews & complaints. Warhol did a great job of showing what seems like a progression like rene magritte, or the two sides of Elvis that many used to talk about. To the right it seems like an old untouched black and white photo instead of traditional oil painting, but to the left is a perfectly colored, redone version. It almost looks like he brings the King to life slowly, and it has become one of the more appreciated Elvis artworks paintings of all time. This Andy Warhol work of art was creation using various sophisticated techniques, with some being wholly untested at the time.
POP art Andy Warhol

List of paintings famous as Warhol artworks are: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Scream, Starry Night Van Gogh, Picasso Guernica, Melting Clocks, Persistence Of Memory, The Birth of Venus, Manet Olympia, Iris Van Gogh, The Kiss Klimt, Van Gogh Self Portrait, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Monet Water Lilies, Creation of Adam, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Cafe Terrace at Night, Las Meninas, Rembrandt Night Watch, Primavera Botticelli, Impression Sunrise, Liberty Leading the People, Dogs Playing Poker.
For collectors that are looking for something different from his catalogue, ‘Pine Barren Tree Frog II.294’ should do the trick just fine as toperfect.com reviews. Using the already complex colors of the frog, Warhol used many techniques now famous in 1983 and made an almost 3d version of the canvas paintings for sale that popped out. It is so alive that the branch the frog is clinging to has a life of its own. This is probably the best demonstration of Warhol blending modern technology and fusing it successfully with his art, and stands the test of time even today.

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